Girl's Night In: How to Throw A Pajama Party for Adults

13th Feb 2023

Wondering how to throw a pajama party for adults? We got you! A girl’s night in is the perfect way for you and your friends to get together, relax and bond.

A pajama party is especially great because there’s no pressure to dress up or put on makeup — everyone can be comfy and cozy in their favorite pajamas! So let's plan the perfect pajama party for you and your besties.

Snacks + Drinks Are Essential
When it comes to any kind of get-together, food should always be at the top of the list. It doesn’t have to be fancy — finger foods and appetizers are perfectly acceptable!

Pizza, veggies, dip and even popcorn are all great options that require minimal effort but will still satisfy your guests. If you’re feeling more sophisticated, then a charcuterie board is an easy way to give your night in a classier feel. Or you could go all out and bake some homemade goodies for the girls.

Grab some drinks; if everyone’s of age, a cocktail theme could be a fun way to have a cozy night in. You could set a theme and have everyone create a cocktail based on it. Some ideas include:

  • The Professional: Everyone makes a drink that ties into their career. Ex: Someone who teaches could make a drink and call it “The Gold Star.”
  • Pink: You can do a lot with a simple color theme.
  • Cozy and comforting: Expect a lot of warm or nostalgic recipes to pop up here.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a few nice bottles of wine. If you’re hosting a low-key night with no alcohol necessary, try whipping up a few mocktails to set the mood right.

Plan Some Activities
You can just sit around eating snacks all night long, but it could be fun to mix things up. Brainstorm some adult pajama party ideas that all of your guests can participate in, or ask your guests what activities they want to do at your PJ party!

Board games are always popular – pick one depending on how many people you’re expecting and how competitive everyone wants to get! If you’re feeling creative, try throwing it back to the 90’s by making friendship bracelets, creating dream board collages, playing M.A.S.H. or making fortune tellers.

There are tons of pajama party ideas for adults out there. Find one that hits the right mood for you and your besties. You could also take turns hosting parties with different themes or activities!

Plan Your Outfit
Having your outfit planned ahead of time is key. You’ll want pieces you’re comfortable in and still look cute – think cozy sweaters, comfy joggers, and of course, fuzzy slippers!

The best PJ party outfits allow you to eat popcorn in peace without thinking too much about your clothes. Our Signature Lounge Pants are a great option! You could also throw on an adorable, relaxed sleep shirt paired with some cozy lounge shorts.

Be Sure to Take Pictures
Don’t forget to take cute snaps throughout the night! You’ll want to post these pics on your socials to show off the fun. Whether it’s goofy selfies or posed shots, any pictures taken will capture the fun from your girl’s night in. You can also splurge for a polaroid camera and some film so that everyone can go home with a goodie bag containing some mementos of the night.

Set the Mood
Now that all of the planning is taken care of and the supplies are ready to go, it’s time to set the mood. Our best PJ party ideas for adults involve ambiance and aesthetics!

Make sure your space is comfortable and inviting with lots of pillows and blankets. Set up string lights or candles for ambiance and make sure there is plenty of space for everyone to hang out together comfortably. Decorate your home so it’s cozy and inviting.

You may even want to light some incense or have essential oils diffusing in order to create a calming atmosphere – whatever works best for you!

Another way to set the mood for your adult pajama party is to make a playlist for the event. Depending on your theme, you and your friends can sing along to top hits or throwbacks that are special to you and your group.

Enjoy the Moment
Girl's night in is a tried-and-true way to hang out with friends without having to worry about leaving home. Whether you're looking for a low-key evening or a night with a full schedule, all it takes is some creative ideas for a pajama party for adults and a little bit of planning ahead to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

So, be prepared for an unforgettable time with your favorite people. With snacks, drinks, activities and photos, you'll be ready for one fantastic girl's night in full of laughter and memories that will last forever!

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