Loungewear vs. Pajamas: What To Wear When

17th Jan 2023

If you're anything like us, the clothes you wear when you're lounging around the house have a major impact on how you feel. Looking cute and put together makes us enjoy snuggling up on the couch for a movie night or tackling household chores that much more. 

When it comes to loungewear vs pajamas, it turns out there is a right time for each. We’ll tell you all about it, plus we’ll answer the burning question, “is loungewear sleepwear?” Let’s discuss it! 

The Difference Between Loungewear and Sleepwear 

Is loungewear pajamas, you ask? Well, no. Loungewear and pajamas are both comfortable items of clothing that are often worn for close to the same activities — the key word being close to!

Loungewear is like pajamas’ stylish, fashion-forward friend. It’s often made with more breathable materials such as cotton or jersey knit fabric. Loungewear also tends to be slightly more fitted than pajamas, giving it a more put-together appearance.

On the other hand, pajamas tend to be looser fitting and may include fun patterns or characters on them. They are often made from flannel or fleece material which is great for keeping you warm at night but isn't always ideal for daywear.

Think of loungewear vs sleepwear this way: Loungewear is for when you want to look cute, and sleepwear is for when you want to be cozy. They’re both cute and cozy in their own right, but there’s more of an emphasis, so to speak. You feel us?

When To Wear Loungewear vs Pajamas

So now that we know the difference between loungewear and pajamas, when should you wear each?

Generally speaking, loungewear is better suited for daytime activities such as running errands or attending Zoom meetings when you need to look presentable without looking too dressed up. 

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Pajamas on the other hand are best reserved for nighttime use or slow mornings. For example, our  Let Me Sleep Shirt is great for when you’re still waking up or having your first cup of coffee. Like our sleep shirt, our Breakfast in Bed Lounge Pants and Lounge Shorts are made with super soft and lightweight fabric, perfect for snuggling up under the covers.

Whether it’s lounging around the house, casual plans or sleeping in, having clothes that make you feel comfortable while still looking cute is essential.

Knowing when it is appropriate to wear either loungewear or pajamas can help ensure that no matter what situation arises, you’ll always be prepared with the perfect outfit choice! Looking to purchase the comfiest loungewear set you can find? Hello Mello has you covered,  browse our products today.